Winchester Home 7

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Winchester Home 7: Compact Security Safe for Home and Office

The Winchester Home 7 personal safe is designed to provide secure and fire-resistant storage for smaller valuables, perfect for environments with limited space such as closets, apartments, and offices. This compact safe combines robust security features and effective fire protection in a size that easily fits into small areas, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to safeguard important documents, jewelry, and other precious items discreetly and efficiently. Whether you are looking to protect your belongings at home or keep your personal items secure in the office, the Winchester Home 7 offers reliable protection without taking up significant space.

Winchester Home 7: Premier Compact Safe for Personal Security and Fire Protection

The Winchester Home 7 safe is expertly designed to offer high-level security and fire protection in compact environments, ideal for residential and office settings with limited space. This safe blends advanced protection features with a sleek design, making it perfect for securing personal valuables and essential documents.

Enhanced Functionality and Sophisticated Design

Customizable and Convenient Storage: Finished in a durable powder-coated gunmetal or black, the Winchester Home 7 features a stylish 3-spoke black chrome vault handle and a single power outlet for added convenience. It includes an adjustable shelving system with Collector Racks and auxiliary shelves, allowing for versatile organization of contents ranging from electronics to sensitive paperwork. The door panel organizer facilitates quick access to handguns and secure storage of accessories and documents in zippered pockets, optimizing space while maintaining ease of access.

Robust Security Features

Advanced Locking Technology and Construction: Equipped with a UL® Listed SecurAm electronic lock that includes a backlit keypad, the Winchester Home 7 meets and exceeds California DOJ requirements for firearm safety. Its solid steel 14-gauge body and external barrel hinges are assembled with robotic welds to provide a strong, unyielding barrier against unauthorized entry. The safe includes six 1-inch solid steel locking bolts—three dead locking and three active—ensuring that the contents are secured against forced entry attempts. Additional security features include dead locking bolts on the hinge side of the door and a recessed door with reinforced steel return jambs to effectively thwart pry attacks.

Superior Fire Protection

Effective Fire Resistance: The Winchester Home 7 boasts a 45-minute fire rating at 1400° F, safeguarded by a Palusol heat-expanding door seal that dramatically enlarges to over six times its size when exposed to heat, sealing the door edges to keep out heat and smoke. It features U.L.-rated fireboard protection in the ceiling, walls, and door, while external solid strap hinges ensure that the entire structure offers full fire protection without the weaknesses commonly found with internal hinges.

Secure Your Valuables with Winchester Home 7 from Anderson Lock & Safe

For those in Phoenix, Arizona, seeking a reliable and space-efficient safe, the Winchester Home 7 from Anderson Lock & Safe offers an excellent solution. Visit our store to explore the unique features of this compact safe or contact us to discuss how it can meet your specific security and space needs. Protect your valuables and ensure peace of mind with the Winchester Home 7, backed by a lifetime free replacement guarantee in the event of a burglary attack or fire. Choose Anderson Lock & Safe for your security needs and invest in the Winchester Home 7 today for superior protection in a compact design.

Additional information

Weight 194 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 in
Lock Options

SecurAm Electronic Lock



  • Durable powder-coated gunmetal or black finish
  • 3-spoke black chrome vault handle
  • Single power outlet
  • Features adjustable shelving system and Collector Racks with auxiliary shelves for interior customization to fit your storage needs
  • The door panel organizer provides quick access to handguns and safe storage of accessories, documents, and in zippered pockets


  • UL® Listed SecurAm electronic lock with backlit keypad
  • Exceeds California DOJ Requirements
  • Solid steel 14 ga. body formed with robotic welds
  • Solid steel external barrel hinges
  • (6) 1″ solid steel locking bolts: 3 dead locking and 3 active
  • Dead locking bolts on the hinge side of the door cannot be compromised in a burglary attack
  • Recessed door and reinforced steel return jambs thwart pry attacks
  • Pre-drilled for anchoring to floor, preventing tipping for pry leverage or removal of safe by thieves
  • Lifetime Free Replacement Guarantee in the event of a burglary attack

Fire Protection

  • Proven 45 Minute fire rating at 1400° F
  • Palusol heat-expanding door seal expands to over 6x its size when subjected to heat.
  • U.L. rated fire-board protection in the ceiling, walls, and door
  • External solid strap hinges allow full fire protection and remove the vulnerability of internal hinges, which require holes and weak points in fireboard protection
  • Composite steel door with an added layer of U.L.-rated fireboard protection behind the accessory door panel
  • Lifetime free replacement guarantee in the event of a fire


 Safe Dimensions
  Inside Dims.   26.75″ x 18″ x 12″
  Outside Dims.   30″ x 20″ x 20″
 Other Details
  Cubic Feet   6.9
  Weight (lb)   194


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