The Amsec NF5925 is a secure and reliable gun safe offering substantial protection for firearm enthusiasts. It carries an RSC I burglary rating and is designed to meet Level 6 security standards, providing a robust defense against unauthorized access. The safe boasts an ETL fire rating, ensuring contents remain secure for up to 90 minutes in temperatures reaching 1200°, with 3-ply drywall fill offering additional fire resistance. The NF5925 is intelligently designed with a gun capacity of 8-8-16 + 1 gun, making it an ideal fit for a moderate collection, ensuring each firearm is snugly and securely stored.

The Amsec NF5925, a standout model in the acclaimed NF Series, embodies the pinnacle of security, fire protection, and functionality, catering to those who prioritize the safety of their firearms and valuables. This safe is meticulously designed for individuals who demand not just a storage solution but a fortress against both intrusion and the unforgiving force of fire.

**Security Features:**
The NF5925 is fortified with a ¼”-thick steel plate door, setting a robust barrier against unauthorized access. Its security is further amplified by a sophisticated four-way bolt work system and an 11-gauge steel body, ensuring a formidable defense. The UL Residential Security Container (RSC) Burglary Classification signifies its capacity to withstand attempts at forced entry, providing an added layer of assurance. Equipped with 14 massive 1½” chrome-plated bolts and 4 pre-cut anchor holes, the NF5925 is engineered to anchor firmly in place, deterring any attempts at removal or break-in.

**Fire Protection:**
Understanding the critical need for fire resistance, the NF5925 is lined with three layers of drywall, offering enhanced insulation. It boasts a 90-minute fire rating, verified by Intertek, ensuring that your possessions are protected in extreme temperatures up to 1200°. Dual door seals are meticulously integrated to fortify the safe against fire and smoke, a testament to Amsec's commitment to safeguarding your valuable assets from every conceivable threat.

**Functionality and Convenience:**
Reflecting the industry’s most flexible interior, the NF5925 is designed with the user's needs in mind. It includes a door organizer optimized for efficiency, allowing for the storage of two long guns on the door, thus maximizing the use of space. The inclusion of an AC power outlet within the safe adds a layer of convenience, accommodating the modern necessity to power electronic devices, enhancing the functionality of this security solution.

With a gun capacity of 8-8-16 + 1 gun, the NF5925 is tailored for enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering ample space for a diverse collection. Its comprehensive design philosophy ensures that every aspect, from security and fire protection to user convenience, is addressed with the utmost precision and care.

The Amsec NF5925 is not just a gun safe; it is a declaration of the importance you place on security, the value you assign to your possessions, and the lengths you are willing to go to protect them. It is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a fire-rated gun safe that does not compromise on security or functionality, embodying the essence of what it means to be prepared and proactive in the protection of what matters most.

Additional information

Weight 600 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 59 in
Lock Options




  • Industry’s Most Flexible Interior
  • Door Organizer
  • Storage for Long Guns or Assault Rifles on the Door
  • Mirrored back Wall for added Interior Visibility
  • AC Power Outlet


  • 1/4″ This Steel Plate Door
  • Four-Way Bolt Work
  • 11-Gauge Steel Body
  • UL Residential Security Container Burglary Classification
  • 14 massive 1-1/2″ Chrome Plated Bolts
  • 4 Pre-Cut Anchor Holes

Fire Protection

  • Lined with Three Layers of Drywall
  • 90-Minute Fire Rating
  • Dual Door Seals to Protect Against Fire and Smoke


 Safe Dimensions
  Inside Dims.   53.5″ x 19″ x 10″
  Outside Dims.   59″ x 24″ x 18″
 Other Details
  Clear Door   52″ x 16.75″
  Cubic Inches/Feet   10,165
  Weight (lb)   600


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