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Amsec BF1716: Premium Burglary and Fire Protection Safe

The Amsec BF1716 is designed to offer exceptional security and durability, ideal for protecting valuables and important documents. Featuring UL certified RSC burglary protection and ETL certified 60-minute fire protection, this safe is equipped to withstand both forced entry and extreme heat. Constructed with a robust 1/2″ solid steel plate door, the BF1716 ensures a high level of security. A lifetime fire warranty backs its reliability, emphasizing its quality and durability. Proudly made in the USA, the Amsec BF1716 also offers customization options, including two-tone finishes, discontinued colors, or color matches to your specific preferences, subject to manufacturing capabilities. This safe is perfect for those who require both top-notch security and aesthetic flexibility in their safety solutions.

AMSEC BF1716: 1 Hour Burglary and Fire Resistant Safe

The AMSEC BF1716 stands as a paragon of security and durability, designed to offer unbeatable protection for your most valuable assets. With its advanced features and heavy-duty construction, this safe is the ideal choice for those seeking to safeguard their possessions against both theft and fire.

Exceptional Security Features

Advanced Burglary Protection: Certified with a UL Listed Residential Security Container burglary rating and constructed from thick steel plates, the AMSEC BF1716 is designed to resist all common burglary methods. The door, made from 3½” thick layered steel including a ½” solid plate, is fortified with a unique proprietary material that is both fire and burglary resistant. Additionally, three 1" diameter solid steel chrome-plated locking bolts and a full-length dead bar work in unison to prevent door removal, even during extreme forced entry attempts.

Superior Fire Resistance: The BF1716 boasts a UL Listed 1-hour 350°F fire rating, tested at temperatures up to 1700°F. This level of protection is ensured by a dual-seal design, featuring both a silicone foam seal and a heat-expanding intumescent seal, which together help to safeguard contents against extreme heat and smoke damage.

Durable Design and Aesthetics

Built to Last: The safe's body is 2-5/8" thick, comprised of 1/8" outer and inner steel plates that enclose a proprietary fire-resistant material, offering substantial resistance to any burglary attempts. Heavy-duty steel hinges ensure smooth and reliable door operation, enhancing both security and user experience.

Elegant and Customizable Finish: Finished in either a durable granite or a sandstone textured finish, the BF1716 not only provides security but also adds a touch of elegance to any room. It is accented with a large chrome-plated dial and matching handle, alongside a plush velour interior that protects valuables from scratches. Customization options are available, allowing for personalization in finish and color to meet specific design needs.

Key Specifications and Installation

  • Dimensions: External: 22.25" H x 21.75" W x 21.75" D; Internal: 17" H x 16.5" W x 16" D
  • Weight: 412 lbs
  • Security Rating: UL RSC I, Level 7 burglary protection
  • Fire Rating: 60 minutes at 1700°F

Equipped with a recessed anchor bolt hole and mounting hardware, the AMSEC BF1716 is designed for secure installation, ensuring it remains firmly in place.

Choose the AMSEC BF1716 from Anderson Lock & Safe

For those in Phoenix, Arizona, Anderson Lock & Safe provides the AMSEC BF1716, a safe that combines all the features necessary for top-level security. Visit our store to view this exemplary model or contact us to discuss how the BF1716 can fulfill your security requirements. Protect your valuable possessions with confidence by choosing the AMSEC BF1716 from Anderson Lock & Safe, where your peace of mind is our top priority. Secure your assets today and enjoy the assurance of comprehensive protection.

Additional information

Weight 412 lbs
Dimensions 22.25 × 21.75 × 21.75 in
Lock Options

ESL10, Key Locking Dial


Functionality & Security

  • 2-5/8″ thick, consisting of 1/8″ outer and inner steel plates, creating a burglary-resistant structure
  • Three massive 1″ diameter solid steel chrome-plated locking bolts
  • A full-length dead bar
  • U.L. Listed Group II lock with spring-loaded auxiliary relock device
  • 1/4″ heavy-duty hard plate
  • Heavy duty steel steel hinges provide easy, smooth door operation
  • One recessed anchor bolt hole and mounting hardware
  • Large chrome-plated dial, matching handle, and a plush velour interior
  • Optional storage cabinets are available

Burglary & Fire Protection

  • The best warranty in the business. Lifetime fire replacement and one year of parts and labor.
  • “B” rated heavy-duty construction.
  • U.L. Listed 1-Hr. 350°F fire rating. Tested at temperatures up to 1700°F*.
  • U.L. Listed Residential Security Container burglary rating


 Safe Dimensions
  Inside Dims.   17″ x 16.5″ x 16″
  Outside Dims.   22.25″ x 21.75″ x 21.75″
 Other Details
  Clear Door   17″ x 16.5″
  Cubic Inches   4,488
  Weight (lb)   412


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