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Home Security Digital Safe

The AMSEC EST916 digital home security safe is the perfect blend of compact design, lightweight handling, and robust security. Crafted from 14ga. solid steel, this safe offers durable protection in a size that’s ideal for home, office, or even RV use. Featuring an advanced electronic lock (E-lock) with a large LCD display, the EST916 ensures easy operation and quick access to your valuables. Available in four compact models, it provides flexibility to choose the perfect fit for your security needs. Whether you’re securing documents, jewelry, or other small valuables, the AMSEC EST916 is designed to provide reliable protection without taking up excessive space.

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AMSEC EST916 Digital Home Security Safe: Compact, Modern, and Secure

The AMSEC EST916 digital home security safe represents a perfect fusion of advanced technology, robust construction, and user-friendly features, designed to offer optimal security for your valuables in a compact and versatile package. This safe is ideal for both residential and commercial settings where space is at a premium but security cannot be compromised.

Advanced Locking Technology

State-of-the-Art Electronic Lock

The EST916 is equipped with the latest DL6000 electronic lock, featuring a large 3/4″ touch screen LCD input display that provides a clear and intuitive user interface. The display changes from orange in standby mode to bright blue when open, enhancing visibility and ease of use. The lock accepts two user codes and provides a record of the last 14 entries, allowing for easy monitoring of access.

Robust Construction and Design

Durable Build

Constructed from heavy 14 gauge solid steel with dual live bolts also made from heavy gauge steel, the EST916 ensures a high level of security against potential break-ins. The door, enhanced with a thickness of 0.1574 inches and made from .16 gauge (9 Ga.) steel, is designed to be pry-resistant and features internal hinges for added anti-theft protection.

Secure Installation Options

This safe offers versatile installation options; it can be securely bolted to either the wall or floor, ensuring it remains immovable. Anchor hardware comes standard, providing everything needed for secure mounting, while a carpeted base inside protects your valuables from scratches.

Convenient Features and Specifications

Emergency Access and Alerts

The EST916 includes an emergency key-lock override system with two keys, ensuring access is maintained even if electronic components fail. Additionally, the safe features a power override battery box, a built-in spy-proof function, and a motion detector alert, enhancing security and giving you peace of mind.

Spacious Interior and Additional Storage:

With internal dimensions of 8.18" high, 15.18" wide, and 11.125" deep, the EST916 offers ample space for storing documents, jewelry, and other small valuables. Certain models like the EST1014 and EST2014 also feature a removable shelf, allowing for better organization of contents.

Dimensions and Warranty

Compact Size with Ample Storage:

Measuring externally at 9 inches high, 16 inches wide, and 13.25 inches deep, and weighing 30 lbs, this safe is designed for environments where space is a premium but security is required. It is backed by a 1-year parts and labor warranty, ensuring reliability and satisfaction.

Invest in Reliable Security Today

For homeowners and business owners concerned about the safety of their valuables, the AMSEC EST916 offers a high-security solution that blends modern technology with rigorous safety standards. Available now at Anderson Lock & Safe in Phoenix, Arizona, this safe is an investment in peace of mind. Visit us today to see how the EST916 can meet your security needs or reach out for expert advice on securing your valuables. Don't wait to secure your possessions; invest in the AMSEC EST916 and protect what matters most.

Don't leave the safety of your valuables to chance. In today's uncertain world, taking proactive steps to protect your most cherished items is not just an option—it's a necessity. The AMSEC EST916 digital home security safe offers unparalleled security, incorporating cutting-edge technology and robust construction to safeguard everything you hold dear. Whether you're looking to secure important documents, precious jewelry, or family heirlooms, this safe provides the protection you need with the ease of use you desire.

At Anderson Lock & Safe in Phoenix, Arizona, we understand the importance of security in maintaining your peace of mind. Our team is ready to assist you in choosing the right safe for your needs, ensuring that your valuables are protected against any threat. By investing in the AMSEC EST916, you're not just buying a safe; you're ensuring a legacy of security for you and your family.

Visit us today to experience firsthand the security and reliability of the AMSEC EST916, or contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve the security solutions you need. Remember, the safety of your valuables is invaluable. Secure your peace of mind with Anderson Lock & Safe.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 16 × 13.25 in
Lock Options

DL6000 E-Lock



  • New state-of-the-art DL6000 electronic lock with a large 3/4″ touch screen LCD input display allows smooth and easy operation.
  • Mode altering display changes from orange in standby mode to bright blue in the open position
  • Accepts (2) user codes and can show open-door records for the past 14 entries


 Safe Dimensions
  Inside Dims.   8.18″ x 15.18″ x 11.125″
  Outside Dims.   9″ x 16″ x 13.25″
 Other Details
  Clear Door   6.75″ x 12.13″
  Cubic Inches   1,765
  Weight (lb)   30


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